The very first step when starting your application with us, is to first find your preferred provider. PatientFi has thousands of approved providers, across many different medical specialties. 


Start your search by going to


From here you can search by the name of the doctor, specialty, or search by area using your address or zip code. 


You can refine your search further by selecting your preferred specialty and setting a mile radius for your search area.  

If you don't see your provider, please contact us. Many times we can get them added to our network within a few weeks!


Please note: being an approved network provider is not an endorsement by PatientFi for the quality of products and/or services being offered by the medical practice. Furthermore, PatientFi does not guarantee the efficacy or quality of results of any provider and their services.   

Moving forward with a medical procedure or treatment is a serious decision. We always recommend you thoroughly research any medical provider prior to treatment. Also, make sure to research and fully understand side effects and/or complications from any treatment you consider. 

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