Next Steps After Completing your Application

What should I do after completing my PatientFi application?

After successfully completing your PatientFi application, here are the next steps to follow:

  1. Contact Your Provider: Reach out to your healthcare provider and inform them that you have been approved for financing through PatientFi. Your provider will have access to your account in their practice portal, or you can provide them with your account number.

  2. Provider Transaction Submission: The provider will initiate a new transaction for the amount of your medical procedure when payment is due.

  3. Notification of Pending Transaction: You will receive either a text and email notification indicating there is a pending transaction on your account. You will need to provide your authorization before funds are transferred to the medical practice.

  4. Select Your Payment Plan: At this point, you can select your preferred payment plan and agree to the associated terms.

  5. Funds Transfer: Once you accept the transaction, the funds to pay for your treatment will be sent directly to your healthcare provider. Your first monthly payment will be due 30 days after accepting the transaction.

  6. Welcome Letter: Approximately 7-10 days after accepting the transaction, you will receive a Welcome Letter. This letter will contain your Loan Account Number and instructions for registering with the payment portal.


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